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Mobile Surveillance

For clients needing flexible & mobile surveillance systems, with solar power and cellular connectivity.

Access Control

Seamless access control systems to manage single doors, multiple buildings, campuses and perimeters.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions for video & access control for less on-site hardware requirements & flexible remote management.

Analytics & Intelligence

Video & audio analytics for real-time actionable intelligence, shorter response times and better operational insight.

Surveillance Camera Systems

Professional-grade security camera systems designed for the unique needs of our commercial clients.

Professional 24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Alarm and video monitoring services to securing your premises, people and assets.

Partnering with NJ/PA Commercial Clients to Meet Their Electronic Security Needs

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley, as a local Veteran-owned commercial security firm, understands that as security requirements today in the commercial sector become more complex, the demands for better technology and system integration grow as well. Our clients require professional grade surveillance cameras, access control systems, video & alarm monitoring, cloud solutions as well as video analytic software. As a top rated commercial security system integrator, Surveillance Secure services commercial and government clients from Philadelphia to Southern New Jersey, as well as nationwide.

Our certified commercial security professionals take the time to understand the unique needs of each client.

As a first step with all projects, our security integrators will ask the right questions, determine and install the optimal security equipment that meets our clients’ requirements, budget and schedule. Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley has extensive experience serving clients in the retail, government, educational and health care industries, and we take pride in providing strong value, a diverse range of surveillance and access control technology and ongoing commercial-grade customer support for all projects. At Surveillance Secure, all members of our team are dedicated to our company mission to provide exceptional service that provides the foundation for successful long-term partnerships with our clients.

You can depend on Surveillance Secure to be your professional & reliable commercial security partner.

As a leader in the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey commercial security markets, our industry leading system installation, technology and proven track record has made Surveillance Secure the choice for non-profit, business and government customers alike. We invite you to learn more about the security camera and access control systems we offer, as well as advanced offerings in surveillance video analytics. These applications, including facial and license plate recognition, gun shot detection as well as traffic monitoring, can provide actionable intelligence to security professionals and shorten their response times.

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley is your commercial security integrator for turn-key surveillance camera, access control and video monitoring solutions.

To discuss your project and to get a free estimate, contact Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley today.

Access Control System Specialists

Hospitals & Health Care

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Residential Buildings & Communities

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Commercial Offices & Facilities

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Religious Institutions

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Schools & Universities

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Advanced Surveillance Systems

High definition security cameras that deliver outstanding image quality in demanding indoor & outdoor conditions.

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IP Cameras

When surveillance cameras need to detect heat signatures, see in pitch dark scenes or through smoke, fog or rain.

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Thermal Cameras

Single PTZ cameras can provide coverage of large areas and clear detail when zooming in.

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PTZ Cameras

Record evidence, video and audio, with cameras that are easy to wear and use.

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Body Worn Cameras

Solar powered camera systems for project locations without locally available or reliable power sources.

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Solar Powered

For applications such as construction sites & larger scale events needing temporary or mobile surveillance systems.

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Mobile Job-Site

When cabling isn't viable, wireless surveillance cameras offer high-definition recording and wide-range transmission.

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Wireless Cameras

These cameras are designed to perform in hazardous areas and are certified for explosion-prone applications.

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Explosion Protected Cameras

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