As the cannabis industry grows, so does the need for security. Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley can comprehensively meet your needs for security in the cannabis industry.

Marijuana growers and cannabis retail locations are often targeted when it comes to crime. It’s no longer an option to go without security in this industry. Fortunately, our team at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley can help you secure your product throughout every phase of the process, from growing the product to transporting and selling it.

Cannabis Growers Need to Have Reliable Surveillance Video

Cannabis growers in the state of Pennsylvania are required to have surveillance video with analytics including facial recognition for their facilities, and medical cannabis retailers are required to have 24/7 surveillance. Our team can help you implement the solutions you need for your surveillance as well as your access points.

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley also provides vehicle surveillance to monitor your fleets, including the inside and the outside of your vehicles. We also provide vehicle GPS tracking so you can always monitor your cargo and ensure its delivery with real-time alerts and notifications.

Benefits of Having Integrated Electronic Security Solutions

Having the right security setup for your cannabis retail location, transportation, or grow houses has many benefits. Integrating your systems can take these benefits one step further, making your analytics, access control, and security cameras easy to manage from just one interface.

With our surveillance solutions, you can:

  • Prevent theft and other criminal activity
  • Deter employee theft or misconduct
  • Keep your facility safe from vandalism and other damages
  • Maintain industry compliance

Our solutions can be accessed remotely, and we help you keep records to meet your compliance needs and ensure security for your customers, employees, and transportation fleets.

Schedule a Security Consultation With Us

Do you need a surveillance system for your cannabis business but don’t know where to start? Schedule a consultation with us at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley. We sit down with you to determine your needs and can walk you through the design, installation, and maintenance process with us. Contact us today!


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