Health Care

We specialize in healthcare surveillance solutions for a variety of facilities to protect both your staff and your patients.

When it comes to securing your health care facility, Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley is experienced in overcoming the challenges that come with this industry. You want to maintain your patients’ privacy, yet have a need to keep everyone safe in such a sensitive environment. We’re experienced in meeting your health care security challenges to provide streamlined solutions for safer care.

Security Concerns We Can Help You Address With Our Surveillance Technology

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley knows that hospitals and other care facilities experience a wide range of issues, making surveillance a necessary component of their care. Hospitals can experience concerns such as:

  • Theft
  • Violence
  • Lost children
  • Fires
  • Missing patients
  • Privacy of patients

Our experienced team works with you to identify and prioritize your most prominent challenges to offer custom solutions, whether you need security cameras with advanced analytics or want to combine your surveillance system with state-of-the-art access control.


Protect Your Facility, Patients, and Staff With Our Solutions

As a medical facility, patient safety and care is of the utmost importance. A surveillance system can help you fully address your security concerns, particularly those associated with visitors, long-term patients, and rehabilitation centers. Not to mention, facilities need to protect their equipment and assets as well.

We understand the need to provide the highest quality of care while still maintaining the privacy of your patients. Our team delivers the security solutions you need with leading-edge analytics, from thermal cameras to smoke detection systems to stop emergencies before they happen.

Biometric & Keyfob Access Control to Further Enhance Your Medical Security

The importance of access control can’t be understated in facilities that provide 24/7 care to patients. With staff and patients coming and going at allNJ PA Facial access control specialists hours, the need to maintain the security of your entrances is essential. Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley can secure your access points and even identify areas within your building that need to be secured, such as where medication or expensive equipment is kept.

We can deliver on the access control system you need whether you have keycards in mind or need something a bit more secure such as biometric access control. Our team can also implement a Bluetooth access control system to simplify staff access with a mobile device while deterring unauthorized entry.

Don’t Wait to Secure Your Health Care Facility

It’s hard to understate the importance of security when it comes to the care of your patients and the safety of your staff in the health care industry. Get in touch with us at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley today to learn more about our health care surveillance solutions and how they can benefit your particular facility!


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