Keep your equipment protected whether you have cargo, storage containers, or boats to monitor at marinas or ports in the Philadelphia or Camden area.

When you need expert surveillance solutions to deter criminal activity and have evidence in the event of a theft, Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley ensures your cargo and vessels are monitored around the clock. Whether you want to keep a close eye on your shipments or monitor activity around your port, our security professionals have the solutions you need to protect your assets.

Our team is experienced in leveraging the best solutions for ports and marinas and serves the greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey area. Whether you need to keep an eye on your cargo remotely or just want more of a comprehensive solution to deter theft, Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley makes it happen.

We Offer Remote and Weatherproof Solutions to Meet Your Needs

We know one of the challenges of keeping an eye on your port or marina is being able to monitor activity even when you’re not there, despite the harsh conditions marinas can present.

Our team specializes in overcoming these weather-related and remote challenges. With our mobile and weatherproof surveillance solutions, you can monitor your port, cargo, or storage containers in real-time anywhere with an internet connection.

The technology we offer is self-sufficient, meaning you only need one unit and an internet connection to transmit data. Being so close to water, ports and marinas require equipment that isn’t affected by moisture, and we have the technology to suit these harsher conditions.

We’re a Full-Service Security Company

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley handles all phases of your surveillance system from the design, installation, and networking to the ongoing support you need to maintain and protect your system. Let us work to enhance your existing surveillance setup or deliver a completely new system to better meet your port and marina security needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!


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