Religious Institutions

Working to keep religious institutions and places of worship secure and deter crime.

Let us implement the surveillance and access control systems you need to protect your religious institution whether you have a church or a mosque in the Philadelphia or Camden area.

At Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley, we know the importance of protecting your religious facility and preventing criminal activity. We support your surveillance needs by providing solutions for churches, mosques, temples, and other religious institutions both large and small.

Our team is familiar with the challenges that structures designed for religious purposes can present. These buildings often have childcare centers, playgrounds, and areas where valuable relics are stored or displayed that need surveillance to support safety. We work with you to design the best security system for your needs, or if you have concerns based on repeated events, we can start from there.

We Also Provide Access Control Solutions for Your Religious Facility

Access control can be a crucial component of a church or another religious institution’s safety. Our access control technology allows us to restrict who can access entry and exit points on your building. We can also secure areas within your building that are off-limits to the public. If necessary, we can also implement perimeter control solutions that alert staff when a breach has been attempted on the property to keep everyone safe.

Let’s Work Together

If you have concerns about the security of your religious facility, its attendees, and staff, give us a call at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley. We can discuss all your security options with you to determine what your best options are and work with your unique needs and budget to keep everyone protected!


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