Secure your retail locations to prevent theft and ensure employee compliance with us at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley.

Surveillance systems have become an essential component of running a retail business today. From employee and customer theft to vandalism or trespassing, you can never be too safe when it comes to your assets.

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley works with retailers in the Philadelphia and Camden area to provide cutting-edge surveillance systems that support employee productivity and prevent theft from shoplifters.

Our surveillance systems can also be an integral component of providing evidence in the event of an accident or criminal activity at your store. We work with you to identify the solutions that would most benefit your particular needs.

Whether you own a clothing boutique or a convenience store, we professionally design and install a security system that supports your business objectives by reducing theft, ensuring employee integrity, and preventing business losses.

How Else Can Surveillance Benefit Your Retail Business?

By taking advantage of a customized surveillance system for your retail business, you can:

  • Effectively monitor your cash registers
  • Have evidence in the event of a lawsuit due to an accident
  • Offer your employees a safe and monitored environment
  • Reduce losses by discouraging employee theft
  • Keep your liability insurance low
  • Easily resolve customer disputes

We also provide you with the option of incorporating technology such as facial recognition and object tracking so that you can more easily respond to incidents and provide resolution in your retail business.

Access Control to Keep Your Employees Safe

If you want to restrict certain areas within your store, we can help you incorporate an access control system for your employees. For example, you may want to only grant certain employees access to a safe, specific inventory items, or an office. You can have peace of mind with your investment with the right access control system. Whether you have a single retail location or several, we work with you to ensure your surveillance and access control solutions effectively meet your needs.

Get in Touch With Us to Learn More

Let’s discuss your retail surveillance needs to review all your options and address your concerns. With our electronic security, you can reduce theft, keep employees safe, and ensure you have evidence in the event of a dispute. Contact us at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley today to learn more about how our surveillance technology can benefit your retail business!


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