Retirement Homes

Our team protects assisted living and retirement communities with advanced technology systems that meet your needs for security, privacy, and convenience.

In senior care, we understand that safety is your primary concern. Both residents and staff need to feel secure and be protected, and our team at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley helps you meet your goals with our modern video surveillance and access control systems.

Your security system will be fully customized to your facility’s particular needs, and with our service plans, you’ll never be without the support you need to meet compliance measures, protect residents, and ensure safety for your staff.

Meeting Your Security Needs With Cutting-Edge Technology

At Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley, we’re familiar with the challenges that come with protecting residents at assisted living and retirement facilities. We know that you need to protect your residents’ privacy while also ensuring their safety. Our technology allows you to do just that with thermal cameras, access control systems, and more.

Even if you have enough staff at your retirement home, it’s difficult to keep an eye on every single one of your residents 24/7, particularly high-risk patients who need additional support. This is where innovative surveillance systems can be an invaluable tool.

Our team sits down with you to understand your budget, your challenges, and your surveillance needs. We make it possible for you to consistently monitor both your staff and residents to keep your facility secure and ensure compliance.

Keep Your Exit and Entry Points Secure With Access Control

When working in senior care, keeping your entry and exit points secure is of the utmost importance. You may even need to secure certain areas within your facility to ensure only staff has access, including areas with medication or medical equipment.

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley can work with you to determine your highest risk areas and put a comprehensive access control system in place to keep your building and its occupants safe. Our team handles every aspect of these systems to ensure a streamlined process and continued support. We can set parameters within your facility and integrate your surveillance system with your access control system to make everything easier to manage.

We even offer 24/7 video surveillance services to keep professional eyes on your video feed at all times. If there’s ever an issue, we contact emergency services immediately, allowing your in-house team to focus on the problem until support can get to your facility. You can also have your in-house staff monitor video to ensure safety.

Whatever you decide, our security solutions augment your existing protocol to build a comprehensive safety plan and preventative measures—and evidence should you need it.

Keep Your Residents Safe and Set Your Facility Apart

As the demand for diverse and high-level senior care grows, having comprehensive surveillance and access control solutions at your facility not only sets you apart from your competition, but allows you to increase your care for both your residents and staff.

Let us work with you to meet all your security objectives and overcome your challenges with our professionally-installed, integrated electronic security solutions. Contact us at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley today to learn more!


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