We deliver comprehensive surveillance and access control solutions for a variety of educational institutions, including grade schools, high schools, private schools, and colleges and universities.

Secure your campus with our professionally-installed and supported modern technology.

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley provides electronic security for all types of educational facilities, from access control systems for pre-schools to surveillance for K-12 schools and beyond. We also improve the security of college campuses and universities with our surveillance solutions. Our team is experienced in meeting the challenges of a variety of schools to keep your students, staff, and facility safe.

In a world where, unfortunately, our educational institutions are not safe from harm, surveillance systems can reduce crime on campus and provide important evidence in the event of an emergency or threat. Our team works closely with you to design a system that comprehensively monitors your facility, provides necessary access control measures, and keeps your school community safe.

Providing Rigorous Access Control Solutions

Schools today need access control systems to prevent unauthorized entry to the building and further secure certain areas of the facility. Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley can provide the exact access control solutions you need to reduce the likelihood of a crisis. We can even incorporate analytics into your surveillance systems, including facial and license plate recognition software.

Our diligent security professionals work with your school officials to identify the best security solutions for your needs, your budget, and your community. We deliver on the flexibility you need so that you can access video feed online when necessary and easily operate your new system with the speed and diligence emergency situations often require.

Take Advantage of Our Next-Level Analytics

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley knows that reducing your risk for an incident is often reliant on the technology you use to identify threats. That’s why we offer enhanced video analytics for your convenience and to make it easier for you to respond to real threats, reduce false alarms, and keep your response time as short as possible.

We can provide such analytics as:

  • Fire and smoke detection
  • Gunshot detection
  • License plate recognition
  • Suspicious behavior recognition or loitering

When you have a professionally designed and installed surveillance system catered to your specific needs, you can enhance security and deter criminal activity for your school.

Let’s Discuss Your School Security Concerns

Get in touch with us at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley today to learn more about our security solutions for educational facilities of all types. We provide the cutting-edge systems you need with the convenience of cloud storage and other amenities in our service plans. Contact us today!


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