Biometric Access Control

When you need advanced security, Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley provides biometric access control systems.

Biometrics provide a perfect solution for ‘touchless’ access control. We can integrate biometrics into your existing access control or assist you with an entirely new system to meet your requirements.

If you need a level of security that goes farther than a keycard, biometric access control could be the solution for you. Our biometric security solutions can recognize fingerprints, facial features, and conduct iris scans. These biometric access control measures are affordable, secure, and easy to manage and customize with our team.

Uphold Area Restrictions Including Security Clearances

With biometric security measures, your system can authenticate a visitor from a database to determine whether or not they’re allowed to access such an area at a certain time. This way, you can set certain restrictions based on areas of your facility to ensure that no one is allowed entry to where they don’t rightly have access, or set time parameters for even more security.

Advanced Face Recognition Access Control Terminals

Our facial recognition biometrics provide speed, accuracy and a high level of security.

Access Control Combination Systems for the Utmost Security

You can combine features of our biometric access control systems in order to provide enhanced security for areas that need the most protection inFace recognition access control specialists your facility. For instance, you can program the system to authenticate both fingerprints and irises prior to access, or combine these features with a keycard or key fob. These systems are scalable, so you can go back to using only one method of authentication or require both when security is of particular concern.

Our Team Provides Advanced Biometric Access Control to Meet Your Needs

Whether you have a government building that needs biometric access solutions or a commercial facility, Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley can help. Our systems are cutting-edge, scalable, and come with our comprehensive service plans to dramatically reduce downtime and keep your facility secure. Get started with us today!


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