Bluetooth Access Control

Simplify your security solutions with Bluetooth access control from Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley.

When you need flexible, mobile solutions for your access control, consider a Bluetooth access control system. These systems easily allow employees or residents to use their mobile devices as opposed to a keycard or key fob to access a facility or certain areas within a facility.

Our Bluetooth access control solutions give you the flexibility you need for your access control system, as it minimizes maintenance and programming of keycards and key fobs, and allows your employees or residents to use a device they already have to enter a building or area.

Applications for Bluetooth Access Control Systems

There are many useful applications for Bluetooth access control systems, including:

Commercial facilities. Bluetooth access control solutions are ideal for companies where employees are required to have a mobile device for their job, meaning everyone already has a way to access the building when a Bluetooth access control system is enabled.

Residential buildings. These types of access systems are also ideal for facilities such as apartment buildings, where people can simply use their Bluetooth access control specialists NJ PAmobile devices to access the building or certain amenities inside the building such as a gym or laundry area without keeping track of a keycard.

Healthcare facilities. When you have a healthcare facility such as a rehabilitation center, assisted living facility, hospital, or outpatient center, restricting access to visitors but allowing employees to enter with Bluetooth technology can simplify your access control solutions.

We Make It Easy to Implement and Manage Access Control

Let our team at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley show you how easy it can be to implement Bluetooth access control solutions to reduce your risk, keep your employees or residents safe, and reduce downtime. Contact us today!


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