Perimeter Controls & Sensors

Protect your facility with the discreetness and security of perimeter sensors.

Perimeter control systems are a necessity for many commercial facilities, particularly when you have sensitive or valuable assets that need comprehensive protection from threats. Many businesses and government buildings utilize perimeter sensors with the challenge of false alarms, which can undermine your resources when it comes to such an essential component of your organization.

At Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley, our solution for your perimeter sensors is cutting-edge ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, which allows us to create invisible perimeter controls that are resistant to tampering and minimize your false alarms for the utmost efficiency.

Keeping You Two Steps Ahead at All Times

Able to sense movement through walls, ceilings, roadbeds, and more, UWB technology allows our team to implement perimeter control sensors that effectively target motion and gauge the distance and size of the offender. These systems don’t respond to smaller offenders that won’t be threats, such as animals or debris.

Our perimeter control sensors aren’t dependent on light or weather conditions—the system can still identify people who breach the perimeter regardless of where they are or what the weather conditions are. We make it easy to discreetly place the sensors to reduce or eliminate the chances of your subject tampering with them.

We Implement Solutions for Both Local and Remote Facilities

We know the challenges that come with setting perimeter controls at facilities that are high-risk, including government, defense, historic buildings, and other areas that need comprehensive protection.

Our solutions make it possible for you to prevent damage to your property and other assets, as well as to protect your facility even with the challenges that come with a remote location. Let us help you identify your security needs whether you have a remote facility without personnel on-site or a local historic site that needs extra security.

Find Out More About Our Perimeter Controls and Sensors

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley is here to assist you with all your perimeter control needs. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about what we offer!


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