Leverage video analytics for improved security, response time, and investigations with us at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley.

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley augments your surveillance system with video analytics designed to meet your specific goals. Instead of simply recording, you can invest in a system that allows you to analyze your video feed in real-time.

We can even configure your system to alert you in the event of a security breach, and include system reporting to make your operations even more efficient and secure. Our security solutions can help stop a threat or emergency situation to protect your facility.

Preconfigure Actions for Proactive Solutions

When you implement analytic software for your surveillance system, you can get alerts in real-time about specific actions that you want to monitor for. This way, you can be proactive about preventing employee theft or other incidents and keep your clients and your facility secure.

At Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley, our security experts can help determine if your video analytics can be integrated with your existing surveillance system. With integrated systems, you can upgrade your technology without overhauling your hardware, making it possible to enhance your security for better protection even while on a budget.

We offer a range of video analytics for your specific needs, including:

Facial Recognition & Capture

Advanced facial recognition can capture facial data and use later to detect specific individuals as they attempt to enter your facility. This enables your security team be alerted to thieves, problem customers, and other potential threats in real time.

License Plate Recognition

Recognition of license plates allows you to identify vehicles that belong or don't belong on your property and can be integrated with gate access for VIPs.

Gunshot Detection

Audio gunshot detection analytics can recognize gunshots from handguns, shotguns, rifles and automatic rifles.

Traffic Analytics

Keep track of and develop insightful data analysis regarding the flow of traffic. Detect traffic incidents and alerts instantly and receive notification to improve response time.

Loitering and Suspicious Behavior

Detect suspicious behavior and receive customized alerts allowing you to respond appropriately when threat risks are detected. Enforce that 'No Trespassing' sign without needing activate eyes on the area at all times.

Character & Code Recognition

Video analytics for character and code recognition can help you to identify cargo containers and cranes. Automate your systems and streamline operations.

POS Transaction Monitoring

Enhance loss prevention and identify suspicious activities such as charge backs and fraudulent transactions.

Fire & Smoke Detection

Video analytics can detect fire and smoke, shortening response times and providing clients with a valuable early warning.


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