Character Recognition

Accurate identification with our character recognition analytics streamlines your operations.

When you need to augment your cargo transport with proper character identification, Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley provides the intelligent analytics you need to recognize characters even while still on their vessels.

Optimize Your Processes With Advanced Imaging Through Character Recognition

Our team can support your business efficiency with our advanced imaging software, which accurately captures, reads, and records shipping container code for your records. Character recognition software recognizes characters and numbers of all types of containers for your convenience.

We even offer the ability to select an image frame in order to better see the characters on a particular image. The process is completely automated with preprogrammed lists, and you can configure these lists to approve certain characters or notify you of an error or other types of alerts.

Your access control system can even be integrated with character recognition analytics, approving or denying access based on verification of characters. The system will automatically create a database with date and time stamps for each container number, and include the proper recording for easy access and indexing.

Prevent Loss or Theft of Your Cargo

Character recognition analytics allow you to reduce your losses and account for all of your cargo with a database to prove its location and transport status. If there’s ever an issue, we can preconfigure the system to alert you based on your specifications. Our team supports your business objectives with character recognition software whether you want to improve your efficiency or prevent loss or theft of your cargo.

Learn More!

Let us assess your current surveillance system to determine if we can incorporate character recognition analytics into your existing setup or if you’d like to install a completely new system to support your goals. Contact us at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley today!


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