Facial Recognition & Capture

Detect threats with our reliable facial recognition analytics for your surveillance system.

When you need to accurately capture facial features in order to identify threats, Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley implements discreet analytics that we can incorporate into your existing surveillance system, or include in a new system combined with access control measures to better monitor and protect your facility. If you have potential subjects to look out for, facial recognition software can ensure your security team is aware of the individual on the premises without alerting them.

Our Facial Recognition Analytics Benefit a Range of Facilities

All types of facilities can benefit from facial recognition analytics to better secure their facility. We work with companies and government agencies across a variety of industries to implement this advantageous software for enhanced security, including:

  • Public transportation such as subway systems
  • Banks
  • Workplaces including factories
  • Airports
  • Government buildings
  • Schools and universities
  • Public buildings
  • Banks

Our team is well-versed in the security challenges these facilities face. We help meet the growing need for surveillance combined with advanced analytics such as facial recognition to identify previous offenders or threats to keep everyone safe.

Features of Our Facial Recognition and Capture

When you work with us at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley for your facial recognition analytics, you don’t need any special cameras. We can usually incorporate your new analytics into an existing system.

We specialize in setting up facial recognition for high-traffic facilities that have numerous entry points, enabling you to detect several faces at once, including people moving at high speeds. Our team also makes it easy to access analytics with a single click. You can identify suspicious subjects in just a fraction of a second, which is ideal for real-time response to emergency situations.

With instant information search and automatic notification when the facial recognition system is triggered, we make it as simple as possible to utilize this software to its full advantage when you partner with us at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley.

You’ll also have the ability to search controlled areas and capture faces. Our team can implement multiple cameras in one area if you need to, and we can provide remote solutions for your video storage as well.

We can also integrate other systems with your facial recognition and capture technology such as access control and biometric access control, securing your facility even further based on your unique requirements and concerns.

Take Advantage of Facial Recognition and Capture Software

Our team at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley can protect your facility with our facial recognition technology to augment your surveillance system. Call us today to set up a consultation to learn more about how our analytics can support your commercial security goals!


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