Fire & Smoke Detection

Smoke and fire video analytics provide early detection to prevent a crisis and protect your people and facilities.

Smoke alarms often don’t sense a fire until flames have had a chance to damage your facility and threaten the safety of your employees. While smoke alarms can and do save lives, there’s a better way to identify smoke and fires before they become unmanageable and dangerous.

Our flame and smoke detection analytics at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley can be integrated into your existing surveillance system to reliably detect smoke or flames before your smoke alarm and sprinkler system even have a chance to go off. With our solutions, you can save precious seconds, prevent false alarms, and react in real-time to real threats.

Accurate and Consistent Detection

We provide intelligent analytics that actually “see” smoke and can alert you to the problem before a fire breaks out. Many older systems are falsely triggered by dust or other manufacturing byproducts, but with our analytics, you can safely and reliably detect fires through your existing surveillance system.

Don’t wait for your smoke alarms to alert personnel in your facility to a fire. With our analytics, you can receive notifications if smoke is detected, and immediately dispatch firefighters if necessary, or you can investigate the smoke for yourself to determine if there’s a legitimate issue.

Shorten your response time to mitigate damage and swiftly handle incidents that could jeopardize your inventory, employees, and safety.

Trust Our Experts to Deliver on the Fire and Smoke Detection You Need

Nearly every facility can benefit from fire and smoke detection. Our team can work with you to incorporate analytics into your existing surveillance system for ease of use and affordability. When you need a level of protection that traditional smoke alarms and other older systems can’t provide, it’s time to invest in intelligent analytics to detect smoke and fire before real damage is done. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!


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