Gunshot Detection

In a crisis where seconds matter, gunshot detection analytics can dramatically shorten response time and save lives.

Our real-time video analytics integrated into your security cameras allow you to dispatch emergency responders when a gunshot is detected.

Unfortunately, no environment is safe from gun violence. Mass shootings are increasing at an alarming rate, and facilities ranging from school campuses to government facilities and nightclubs have experienced active shooter crises that have taken lives.

When a gunshot is heard, many people’s first response is to get to safety rather than calling the police. With gunshot detection analytics from Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley, you can install a system that recognizes when a shot is fired and get emergency personnel to your facility as soon as possible.

Our gunshot detection software can reduce response time from minutes to just seconds in situations where seconds are crucial, notifying your security personnel or if you prefer, our team can verify the sound and dispatch police immediately.

Features of Our Gunshot Detection Software

With gunshot detection analytics to increase safety, you have the ability to:

Manage critical incidents from a safe location. You can remotely manage the threat to get everyone to safety and identify where the shooter is and alert responding personnel.

Automatically alert your security staff or police. With automatic alerts, all necessary parties are notified for faster response time and better incident management.

Have crucial insight into a developing situation. Our analytics can identify the type of gun used and the approximate location of the shooter, giving your security team invaluable insight to appropriately mitigate the crisis.

All types of facilities can benefit from gunshot detection software, and it can be used outside as well as inside. Our team can help you install gunshot detection microphones in areas where crime is likely to be higher.

Let Us Implement Gunshot Detection to Protect Your Facility

Our security professionals at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley can integrate our gunshot detection software into your existing security setup or come up with a completely new infrastructure to better manage your facility’s security. Contact us today to find out more about our gunshot detection analytics and how they can benefit you!


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