License Plate Recognition

Our license plate recognition analytics enhance your access control measures and ensure reliable identification.

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley makes it easy to identify specific vehicles when it comes to parking lots, garages, and other areas where access is controlled. Our license plate recognition software allows you to keep your security personnel or local authorities aware of a suspicious or tagged vehicle.

Our solutions even make it possible to track a vehicle with a specific license plate in certain areas, and can provide advanced analytics solutions for a variety of facilities.

Facilities License Plate Recognition Can Benefit

We work with agencies across different industries to implement license plate recognition analytics, including:

  • Multi-family residential buildings
  • Parking garages
  • Commercial parking lots
  • Government buildings
  • University or school parking lots
  • Airports

The challenges that each of these facilities face when it comes to physical security are unique. Our dedicated and experienced security personnel identify the best license plate recognition software solutions for your security and peace of mind.

How License Plate Recognition Software Benefits Commercial Applications

When you integrate license plate recognition with your surveillance system with Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley, you can:

Speed up your reaction time. You can create a list of license plate numbers that are not allowed in your vicinity as well as a list of approved numbers. With automatic alerts based on this information, you can respond in real-time to potential threats.

Take advantage of remote management. Get real-time remote management with easy access to surveillance archives with your setup.

Seamlessly integrate all your equipment. Our license plate recognition software can be integrated with other access control measures including gates and barriers in addition to your existing video cameras.

No longer have to rely on a light source. With our high-quality image and video captures, you won’t be dependent on bright light and can instead have reliable recognition even in low-light conditions.

Synchronize databases. You can integrate the software with external databases for ease of use and real-time response based on notifications. You can search for a variety of factors in your video and image archives including time, date, and direction of the vehicle.

Easily adapt to new license plates. As license plates change, our software is designed to easily adapt to any new plates so you have a long-term solution for license plate recognition measures for your facility.

Our license plate recognition supports a variety of objectives from managing vehicles in a parking garage to even controlling traffic on the road and identifying flagged vehicles.

Learn More About Our Solutions

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley has the modern, professional security solutions you need to support your access control measures and surveillance with license plate recognition technology. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our analytics can support your surveillance technology!


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