POS Transaction Monitoring

Accurately detect fraud and protect your customers with POS transaction monitoring from Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley.

There are many benefits to implementing point-of-sale (POS) transaction monitoring for business owners. Not only do these surveillance systems help eliminate discrepancies in inventory or customer disputes, but they allow you to have accurate records of your transactions to prevent theft, error, and even for use during employee training.

Gain better control over your business with POS transaction monitoring integrated into your surveillance system. With clear, reliable video for both real-time alerts and for you to review and investigate when necessary, you make it easier to resolve incidents and prevent both employee and customer theft.

What Are the Benefits of POS Transaction Monitoring for Your Business?

When you incorporate POS transaction monitoring into your surveillance system with us at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley, you have the opportunity to:

Keep employees accountable. Even when you’re not on-site, POS monitoring holds your employees accountable for their behavior and actions at the register.

Settle disputes. Review your video footage to determine if a customer has a viable complaint or if one of your employees is at fault in a particular situation.

Monitor suspicious activity. Our analytics allow you to get notified in real-time if suspicious activity is happening during a sale.

Minimize loss. Whether one of your employees is being dishonest or you suspect a customer is stealing, you can minimize monetary losses to your business with POS analytics.

POS transaction monitoring is an excellent tool to support your business objectives and solve both customer and employee issues that have the potential to impact your business over the long-term.

Find Out More About Our POS Transaction Monitoring Systems

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley can review your existing system to determine if we can incorporate POS monitoring into your surveillance. Whether you want to provide your customers with better service or need to ensure the integrity of your employees, POS transaction monitoring is a vital asset to have. Contact us today to find out more!


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