Suspicious Behavior

Detect suspicious behavior to prevent unlawful activity at your facility with our surveillance analytics.

With surveillance technology from our professionals at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley, you can monitor suspicious activity and even prevent an incident. Our system alerts you in real-time when suspicious behavior is detected, such as activity where there’s not supposed to be or another form of action we can preconfigure your system to identify.

Instead of having video footage after an incident has already happened, you can instead prevent or avert issues by having your existing surveillance system identify suspicious behavior.

Advantages of Detecting Suspicious Behavior With Our Intelligent Software

By identifying loitering and other suspicious activity through your surveillance system, you can see advantages such as:

  • Better accuracy with our intelligent tracking algorithm, resulting in fewer false alarms
  • Auto notifications send live video and other alerts to your security team for fast, appropriate response
  • The ability to turn lights on or even activate a speaker to deter loiterers
  • Immediate insight into where an alarm was triggered and what activity is taking place

Never be in the dark again about what suspicious activity is occurring and where—by installing our analytics into your existing system, we make it easy for you to track and monitor loitering and other suspicious activity when it matters most.

Get in Touch With Our Team

Our team at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley can review your existing surveillance system to determine if we can implement suspicious behavior analytics in order to better avert incidents at your facility. Learn more about our intelligent analytics solutions by getting in touch with our team today!


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