Traffic Analytics

Detect incidents and have critical insight into traffic patterns with our traffic analytics.

Our traffic analytics allow you to monitor the flow of traffic, accidents, and other incidents to gain important insight into traffic in a particular area. At Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley, we make video analytics the ideal solution for roadways that have restricted access, or even management of traffic in urban settings.

Your traffic analytic setup with us requires no hardware, which not only helps prevent driver distraction on the road, but also means lower maintenance costs. Our software also allows you to have more reliable data to accurately track incidents and traffic patterns on the road.

The Advantages of Monitoring Traffic in Real-Time

With current, accurate information from our traffic analytics, you have the ability to detect speed, direction, obstacles, and incidents such as slowed or stopped traffic. From this data, you can calculate the average speed for a particular area, as well as the average volume of traffic.

This information supports practical goals such as:

Keeping roadways with restricted access clear. Roads that have controlled access need to be kept clear to ensure vehicles can pass and emergency personnel can respond to incidents.

Monitor traffic incidents in heavily-populated areas. Whether you need to monitor and respond to accidents or update signs directing cars away from congested areas, our traffic analytic solutions make it possible.

Prevent transit centers from getting congested or blocked. For entrances to large workplaces, airports, and other buildings, you can ensure these roads remain open and unaffected with the right monitoring system.

Enforce bus lane and carpool lane use. You can ensure these lanes are being used by the appropriate vehicles with our traffic analytics for your surveillance system.

Let Us Upgrade Your System With Traffic Analytics

Whether you want to integrate traffic analytics into your existing surveillance system or need a completely new setup, Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley can support you. Keep your roadways protected and monitor incidents in real-time with our solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can augment your surveillance system with traffic analytics for the better!


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