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As a full-service commercial security agency, Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley provides comprehensive solutions with cutting-edge technology for your Atlantic City, NJ business.

Surveillance has become a non-negotiable part of business operations for a variety of industries in Atlantic City, New Jersey today. From proactively identifying threats to retaining invaluable evidence for law enforcement, businesses need trusted surveillance solutions to protect their properties.

At Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley, we work with you to identify the most advantageous system for your needs based on your business objectives, security concerns, location, and budget. With our team, you’ll never be without the support or expertise you need to comprehensively secure your facility in Atlantic City.

We Install and Service Your Surveillance Cameras in Atlantic City

Our knowledgeable team works with all types of surveillance technology to upgrade or replace your cameras. We can also design a system for your brand-new facility, or help you make sense of the technologies we offer if this is your first time investing in a system. We feature a variety of cameras, from solar-powered to explosion-protected, to reliably monitor your property.

Looking for cameras you can access remotely, or interested in intelligent video analytics? We make it possible for you to customize your surveillance system based on your needs. During your risk assessment, we listen to your needs and identify vulnerable areas where security cameras would make the most sense.

Access Control Technology to Protect Your Facility

Controlling access to your facility is often an integral part of keeping your employees and assets safe. With personalized access control technology, we help you manage your visitors and restrict access to sensitive areas in your business. Whether you have a multi-unit apartment building or a government agency, dependable access control is a must.

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley offers access control solutions ranging from keypads to cards and fobs. Looking for more advanced access control? We feature Bluetooth technology, biometric access control methods, and even facial recognition technology to help you implement the appropriate level of security for your facility in Atlantic City.

For your parking garages, parking lots, and loading docks, we also offer motorized gates which can help you better manage your property and prevent unauthorized guests.

Additional Services We Provide

We’re a full-service agency that doesn’t just install your technology and leave—all of our equipment comes with monthly support checks, where one of our technicians comes out and services your technology to ensure it’s working as intended. As a local business, you can expect us to take care of your systems and to be there when you need us.

Our team also provides the following services for our clients in Atlantic City:

  • 24/7 professional monitoring services
  • Vehicle fleet surveillance and GPS tracking
  • Cloud storage for your video feed
  • Networked audio solutions
  • IT support
  • And more!

For all your commercial security needs in Atlantic City, you can depend on the experienced technicians at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley.

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