When you work with us at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley, you get expert insight into state-of-the-art commercial security solutions for your Camden business. We offer access control solutions, security camera installation, and much more.

Going without a surveillance system is no longer an option for your commercial facility in Camden. Whether you have a manufacturing warehouse or an outpatient healthcare facility, proactive safety measures such as security cameras and access control are necessary to keep your property safe.

At Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley, our electronic security professionals work with you to fully assess your risk and implement a custom-designed surveillance system that caters specifically to your needs. We also provide full maintenance and support for your technology when you work with us!

Entry Door Security Systems in Camden

Keeping your entry doors secure is one of the best ways to prevent unauthorized entry and ensure that only approved personnel or residents are accessing your facility in Camden. We provide access control measures including entry door keypads as well as keycard and key fob systems.

If you need advanced security for your entry points or restricted areas, we also provide biometric and combination access control systems. For residential facilities such as apartment complexes, we can also implement Bluetooth access control solutions to eliminate the need for a key card or key fob.

Security Camera Installation With Cutting-Edge Video Analytics

Security Camera Installation Camden NJWe feature a complete range of surveillance cameras based on your specific application. From wireless transmission to covert and mobile, we make it possible to monitor your facility regardless of your unique requirements. We even offer solar-powered cameras with battery backup and explosion-protected cameras for remote and harsh locations.

Our team also offers cutting-edge analytics software to increase safety and response time. Whether you’re interested in license plate recognition, gunshot detection, facial recognition, or smoke detection, we make it possible to meet your security objectives with our technology.

Commercial-Grade Gates & Vehicle Parking Entrance Barriers

Clients need to manage vehicle and pedestrian access with electronic gates, turnstiles and parking entrance barriers. Our Camden security professionals can design and install electronic gate systems, automatic turnstile systems that can utilize keyfob or Bluetooth authentication, as well as automatic vehicle barriers that can manage vehicle entry and exit for parking lots and garages.

Never Be Left Without the Support You Need

Many commercial security companies will install a system and then leave, meaning you have to figure out how to properly update and maintain your surveillance technology for reliable monitoring solutions.

At Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley, we don’t simply install your systems—we offer ongoing support and maintenance for optimal performance and dependable surveillance for any type of application. You’ll never be left without the support you need to keep your technology performing as it should.

We’re Your Commercial Security Company in Camden!

When you need security professionals you can depend on, work with us at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley. Call us today to schedule your security consultation and risk assessment with our team to get started with the design and implementation of your security system!


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