Developing a Custom Surveillance Solution for Hensel Recycling

Hensel Recycling, a responsible precious metals recycler based in Berlin, New Jersey, enlisted the help of Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley for a special project regarding their surveillance system. The client needed a specially designed camera system for their recycling plant, and the system needed to create a jpeg image from a surveillance camera file.

The client also needed to save those files in a specific way. Therefore, the end product would require a combination of an open-source camera system and a computer program specifically written to meet the client’s needs. Hensel Recycling consulted with several companies for this project, all of which proposed solutions that were twice as expensive as the one Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley provided.

As a family-run company searching for a similar vendor, Hensel Recycling wanted a passionate, dependable security company to assist them with this project, which is why they partnered with the Surveillance Secure team for the technology and solutions they offered.

Hensel Recycling Group is one of the leading international businesses specializing in the recycling of precious metals like platinum, palladium and rhodium from catalytic converters from automotive and various industrial applications. In addition, Hensel Recycling provides a fully transparent recycling process, monitoring their materials 24/7 with state-of-the-art video and alarm solutions to support their accountability with clients.

When working in industries that require accountability and precision to protect a company’s assets and the planet’s resources, businesses such as Hensel Recycling partner with vendors such as Surveillance Secure because they know they are equally committed to efficiency, responsibility, and quality.

While this project took several months to find a suitable solution, Surveillance Secure wanted to ensure an optimal end result for the client’s specific needs to support their goals. As a result, Hensel Recycling now has a tailored solution for their surveillance system that meets their objectives so they can continue providing their precious metals recycling service to customers.

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