Mobile Cameras, Video Analytics Reduce Crime and Result in Cost Savings for Construction Sites, Lumber, and Scrap Yards

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley works with local construction companies, lumber, and scrap yards to deploy mobile cameras with video analytics to reduce crime. As increasing product and service prices continue to escalate illegal activity, these clients are seeing an increase in theft and suspicious activity on their properties.

The Surveillance Secure team helps these businesses adapt to these challenges by integrating intelligent video analytics with their existing security systems. Construction job sites, scrap, and lumber yards can particularly benefit from license plate recognition technology, which allows them to have a record of everyone coming and going on the property.

“Line crossing” video analytics are also advantageous, and can be integrated into existing surveillance cameras. These perimeter security solutions allow businesses to configure the system to alert their security team to events and activity during night hours when staff is not on-site so they and respond accordingly to prevent theft.

Mobile surveillance camera units also help businesses whose job sites are constantly changing—this adaptable technology can be deployed rapidly at different sites for around-the-clock monitoring, giving companies a truly mobile and convenient surveillance solution for on-site security cameras.

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley supports local businesses as growing commodity prices come with increased security risks. Our cost-effective surveillance solutions for different sites allow industries to effectively monitor their premises without needing on-site staff or to constantly monitor their video feed around the clock. 

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