SSDW Installs PTZ Cameras for Remote Viewing for Manufacturing Facility

remote monitoring cameras Pennsylvania

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley assisted a manufacturing facility with a 100,000 square-foot plant just outside of York, Pennsylvania. The plant is currently adding a second shift to their operations, so they needed a way to monitor this second shift without management being on-site. They wanted to give their management team the ability to oversee operations of the second shift remotely.

The Surveillance Secure team installed both fixed and point-tilt-zoom (PTZ) surveillance cameras for this facility’s monitoring needs. These cameras effectively monitor each machinist at his or her station with remote viewing capabilities for effective surveillance.

With PTZ cameras, management can zoom in on high-resolution video feed, or generate automatic zoom criteria. These surveillance cameras move quickly, allowing the user to zoom in or adjust to areas of interest. With just one camera, management can now see ranges that would typically take several pieces of surveillance equipment.

PTZ cameras are also ideal for low lighting and are designed to withstand harsh environments. With remote monitoring, management doesn’t need to be on-site to toggle cameras and can instead monitor operations with an internet connection.

This Pennsylvania facility now has an easy way to safely and effectively monitor the new second shift with high-resolution, movable cameras that cover all the work stations in this large plant.

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