Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley Installs New Access Control System for PharmaBlock USA

The Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley team recently worked with PharmaBlock USA, a leading provider of chemistry products in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. PharmaBlock partners with the top pharmaceutical companies to supply solutions to their customers.

When the company needed a new access control system at their Hatfield location, they wanted to work with a provider that shared their core values of equality, innovation, and dedication. They reached out to Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley and the Surveillance Secure team was proud to work with a partner with mutual standards of excellence.

PharmaBlock needed an inexpensive access control system for eight of their interior doors to restrict access to their on-site laboratories as part of the GMP implementation project to maintain compliance. Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley worked with the client to identify their needs through telecons and physical site visits which resulted in the need for keycards, readers, and a keycard printer that they could use to create custom badges for each employee, with the additional software capability to be able to monitor and track entries/exits.

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley not only provided them with a custom access control system that met their budgetary needs, but took the extra step to coordinate with their building’s fire alarm company to ensure they would be safe with their new system and meet state and local fire codes while adhering to safety guidelines during COVID to ensure safety of both parties and no impact to the client’s project timelines.

After the installation, the Surveillance Secure team sat down with the customer to give them a comprehensive tutorial of their new system. Only after the system was working perfectly and the customer confident in their ability to navigate the new system did Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley consider the job complete.

The client was so pleased with the work done and the service they received that upon completion of the project, PharmaBlock requested that Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley come back to install a new access control system for the facility’s future expansion.

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