Surveillance Secure Installs Cameras for Haddon Township Housing Authority

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley assisted the Haddon Township Housing Authority, which is a first-rate housing community for eligible seniors located in Westmont, New Jersey, with their surveillance needs.

The housing authority strives to give their residents comfortable, safe, and affordable housing. Every element of craftsmanship in the building has been given the utmost attention to detail, and the facilities were spotless. So it makes sense that when they decided to add to their existing security camera system, they began an extensive search that led them to Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley.

They checked with our previous clients and received glowing recommendations from a local church in Philadelphia. Immediately after speaking to the church, the Haddon Township Housing Authority called to enlist our services.

The client needed to add cameras to their 11-story building, called Rohrer Towers, which offers 100 rental units to adults aged 62 and older. They needed two cameras per floor, but did not have the budget to do the entire job at once. They decided to do the top four floors first. They also wanted a fisheye camera on the front of the building—which allows users to see an ultra-wide angle view—to be able to observe the entire front entrance with only one camera. We were able to accommodate their order in record time.

The housing authority liked the team’s work so much that they asked Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley to complete the second phase of the job ahead of their original schedule. The team is scheduled to do that job next month.



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