Surveillance Secure Installs Cameras for Philadelphia Construction Site

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley recently assisted a social philanthropist with their construction surveillance needs in Philadelphia, PA. The client recently purchased a building in the area with the intent of turning it into a mixed-use office, living, and retail space to make a difference in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. The building is 140 years old and may have steel beams from Andrew Carnegie’s original business.

The construction of the building is best described as overbuilt—the interior floors are dominated by an abundance of pillars and massive cross beams every 20 feet. Each floor can support massive weight far in excess of what modern floors can support. The building was originally used as a parachute manufacturing plant during World War II. During the 50s, it was used as an office building. In the 70s, the then-owners covered up all the decorative molding with 70s-era aluminum paneling. The client is taking all of that down and exposing the original beauty of the craftsmanship. When the massive undertaking is complete, it’ll be a stunning addition to an otherwise run-down area.

During the construction phase of this project, the client was concerned about protecting his investment. He asked Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley to install surveillance cameras on-site. The building is in a vulnerable area and the client wanted to ensure they had adequate surveillance of the premises.

The Surveillance Secure team installed 25 cameras on both the interior and exterior of the building, using dark colors for the exterior cameras to make them less conspicuous. The team also used smoked domes to cover the camera’s lenses, which prevents people from seeing exactly where the lenses are positioned. The client was concerned about using Chinese-made products and preferred cameras that were on the approved list for the US Government, so the team used Axis Cameras.

Installation of all the cameras took one week. The client was so happy with the work done that he asked the Surveillance Secure team to reorganize his IT room. The client expects to finish construction sometime in 2022, at which point new cameras and access control will be implemented for the building.

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