Surveillance Secure Strengthens Security System for NJ Addiction Treatment Centers

An addiction treatment center with several locations throughout southern New Jersey enlisted the help of Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley to augment their electronic security.

The client needed to monitor their centers to protect their patients and be alerted by their electronic security system when visitors arrived. There is an existing process at the centers that allows approved visitors to enter during specific approved times. However, visitors will try to enter the facility outside of these designated times. The client needed a way to keep visitors out during unapproved hours.

Surveillance Secure met the client’s electronic security needs by implementing a few critical solutions.

Installing a Panic Button System for Employees

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley installed a panic button system that announces to and alerts designated contacts in all four buildings. Employees can activate the system by pressing a button in their office on an app on their smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Once the alarm has been triggered, it alerts the proper contacts in each building to send help. With these inconspicuous devices, employees at the addiction centers now have a way to discreetly call for help in emergency situations.

Leveraging Line Crossing and License Plate Recognition Intelligent Video Analytics

The technicians at Surveillance Secure also installed a line crossing video analytic function on two outdoor cameras at each facility. These video analytics are able to alert employees at the center of cars approaching the parking lot when there should be no activity in these areas.

The cameras augmented with intelligent video analytics also capture license plates in order to create a record of every vehicle entering the property for security purposes. This way, the client can flag certain license plates or search the system for vehicles that may have been on the property in the past during an incident.

Restricting Remote Access for Tighter Control Over Privacy

One of the challenges when designing and implementing the security solutions for this project was balancing the need for robust security with patient privacy concerns. The Surveillance Secure team was able to support the client’s needs for privacy for their patients by limiting remote and online access to the surveillance cameras at the center at their request.

Deploying System Upgrades Within a Limited Timeline

The client was working within a tight timeframe to implement these new security changes. Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley was able to get on-site within 24 hours to do a comprehensive assessment and meet with the client to discuss their needs.

Despite getting bids from other companies, the client ultimately chose to work with Surveillance Secure because of the team’s responsiveness, their tailored security solutions, and their ongoing support.

Within the week, the installation was scheduled to support this client’s particular timeline. They were ultimately very satisfied with the work completed and have already enlisted Surveillance Secure for a few other upgrades in their various facilities.

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