Thermal Imaging Solutions for a Medical Supply Company in Cherry Hill

A medical supply company in a commercial business park decided to incorporate thermal cameras into their surveillance technology to protect both employees and customers.

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley worked with this company in Cherry Hill, New Jersey to install two thermal cameras—one in the customer vestibule and one in the employee entrance.

The company’s goal was to make both their customers and employees more comfortable when entering the facility. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, both their customer and employee sectors had concerns about coming to the company’s location. The facility wanted to support their community with thermal cameras that could accurately detect body temperature for people attempting entry.

Scanning for elevated body temperature and adjusting entry protocol accordingly can help alleviate some of the fears people have when entering the facility.

Thermal imaging solutions can detect a higher-than-normal temperature, which automatically triggers the system to notify personnel that the individual may need further screening. This allows staff to deny entry to people who may be exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley works with thermal imaging solutions that are accurate within 0.5 degrees Celsius. While the technology isn’t able to detect or diagnose COVID-19, it can help identify people who may be at higher risk.

With Surveillance Secure’s help installing two cameras with this detection technology in their customer and employee sections, this medical supply company can now effectively screen people when entering their facility, giving their community peace of mind and protection.

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