Upgraded Surveillance and Access Control Solutions for a Cemetery in Camden County

The commercial security specialists at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley were able to assist a cemetery in Camden County, New Jersey with their surveillance needs. The cemetery was tired of their old security provider, which had installed doors on mausoleums that would repeatedly trigger false alarms, and, worst of all, the security provider wasn’t responding to their continued requests for help.

In addition to fixing the doors, the cemetery wanted to be able to adjust their security schedule. Surveillance Secure installed scheduled access control on the cemetery’s five mausoleums. These schedules allowed the doors to easily be unlocked for visitors prior to the employees’ arrival time, and they could be locked after the employees departed for the day.

With these flexible access control solutions, people could visit their loved ones at times convenient for them without putting an additional burden on the employees. The Surveillance Secure team also installed scheduled access control on one door on each mausoleum, in addition to door contacts on the unscheduled doors. This technology made it easy for the employees to monitor when those doors were opened or closed.

As the doors required internet to communicate with the cloud server, and only one of the five mausoleums had internet access, this posed a challenge. Fortunately, the mausoleums were connected to each other by copper wire. Surveillance Secure used a device that allowed the crew to reuse the existing copper wire, which enabled each door system to communicate with the internet in the main mausoleum.

Halfway through the job, the cemetery asked the Surveillance Secure team to install three cameras on the mausoleums to monitor the entrance as well as parking, and the crew was able to accommodate their request and complete both tasks for them. Toward the end of the job, the cemetery asked the team to take a look at a breakroom on the other side of the cemetery, where they needed monitoring and a camera system. The breakroom is still under construction, but when it’s complete, Surveillance Secure will complete that job for this client as well.

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley was pleased to be able to accommodate this client’s requests for improved surveillance and access control technology so they can better serve their clients and protect their premises.


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