When Should You Consider Upgrading Your Commercial Surveillance Cameras?

Investing in the right surveillance technology is essential for supporting your business’ security objectives. However, with technology rapidly changing, upgrading your commercial surveillance cameras is inevitable. Ongoing maintenance is essential for any surveillance system, especially software updates that could fix security glitches. But when should you consider upgrading your commercial surveillance cameras? The answer might […]

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mobile surveillance camera for construction site

Deploying Mobile Surveillance Camera Systems to Minimize Vandalism and Theft on Construction Sites

Construction sites are some of the most vulnerable areas for vandalism and theft, losing up to $1 billion in equipment annually [1]. Since construction sites often go unmonitored outside of regular business hours, this makes them a target for theft and vandalism. Fortunately, mobile surveillance cameras can help construction companies effectively monitor their jobsites to […]

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body worn cameras philadelphia camden

Surveillance Secure Meets Growing Demand for Flexible and Mobile Security With Body-Worn Cameras

As the demand for body-worn cameras grows, Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley is there to work with clients and organizations and deliver cost-effective solutions with this technology. We work with Axis to provide body-worn cameras to reliably document encounters, retain evidence, and encourage positive behavior for law enforcement and the community. Eventually, body-worn cameras will become […]

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Best Practices for Using High-Quality Video Surveillance Recordings as Evidence

Customers and employees expect that businesses have a surveillance system to help protect them. Not having a surveillance system has become a liability for some companies, leading people to get away with crimes, customers or employees to get hurt, and resulting in physical and legal losses. If you intend to protect your property with video […]

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