Detecting & Preventing Student Fights in Schools With Surveillance Cameras and Audio ‘Aggression’ Detection

As student violence in schools increases, physical fights that jeopardize student and staff safety are becoming common occurrences. Yet identifying these escalating situations before they turn into a physical altercation isn’t simple for school staff and on-site security. Surveillance technology can help fill in the gaps. You can integrate intelligent video analytics into your cameras […]

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How Lighting and Loudspeakers Provide Active Deterrence With Mobile Surveillance Units

When installing mobile surveillance for your commercial property, lighting and loudspeakers are two essential considerations. In addition, lighting is necessary for many intelligent video analytics applications, such as real-time detection of events, not to mention lighting can help deter crime in and of itself.  By considering lighting and speakers to actively deter trespassers, you can […]

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Applications and Benefits of Explosion-Protected Surveillance Cameras

Explosion-protected surveillance cameras are cameras housed in such a way that they cannot create a spark that could ignite in hazardous environments, such as businesses that work with flammable materials [1]. Although these cameras don’t guarantee that a camera would survive an explosion, their explosion-proof housing does eliminate the risk that the camera would create […]

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Selecting the Right Access Control System for Automatic Commercial Doors

Automatic doors are highly convenient for businesses. They don’t require touching for entry and exit, which can reduce areas where germs accumulate while still keeping your facility secure. Automatic commercial doors also support energy efficiency and can save space in entryways. However, when combined with an access control system, automatic commercial doors offer even more […]

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Benefits and Limitations of Open Architecture Security Technology vs. Proprietary Technology

When choosing the right security technology for your business, you have options. Depending on your objectives, risk profile, and budget, you have a variety of technologies to choose from to meet your needs.  However, you’ll need to decide if you want open-architecture technology, in which you’ll have more freedom and flexibility when integrating future components […]

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