How Surveillance Camera Systems & Analytics Can Help Construction Businesses Meet Insurance Requirements

Construction sites are not only vulnerable to theft and accidents, but present more safety challenges than any other industry [1]. As construction proceeds and tools are moved, structures are updated, and perimeters adjusted, security is a challenge for these mobile job sites. However, construction areas are required to have specific surveillance setups by most insurance […]

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How Facial Recognition Can Make Your Access Control System Safer and More Effective

Access control is a must for businesses today wanting to control who enters their facility and when, as well as to restrict particular areas within the building. But this popular security technology isn’t without its challenges. Whether you use a biometric or keycard system for your access control—or a combination of the two—facial recognition technology […]

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Video Analytics Help Stores & Restaurants Optimize Resources and Revenue

Intelligent video analytics for surveillance systems are growing in demand for a variety of industries, and with good reason [1]. With video analytics, you have data at your fingertips with your security cameras, giving you the insight you need to streamline your operations, strategically use resources, and ultimately, boost your revenue. Shops and restaurants can […]

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Parking Lot Management Challenges Addressed By License Plate Recognition Video Analytics

License plate recognition software scans license plates to read and record them in a database. With this technology, you can set lists of preapproved vehicles for your parking lots or even banned vehicles. Many parking lot management challenges can be addressed with these video analytics, which help maximize compliance with parking lot regulations while minimizing […]

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Security solutions for cannabis industry

Surveillance Technology Solutions Ensure Cannabis Operator Compliance

The cannabis industry is the fastest-growing industry in the United States and is continuing to grow. As the demand for both recreational and medicinal marijuana increases, this billion-dollar business is on track for strong growth. However, marijuana dispensaries have to comply with state-regulated security requirements. Yet research shows that the majority—72 percent—of cannabis operators do […]

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