Networked Audio

We provide comprehensive audio networking solutions for your commercial security needs.

Having audio integrated into your security network allows you to use the power of voice whenever you need to. Whether you want to talk live or have automated, prerecorded prompts, Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley makes it easy for you to alert or prompt your team.

Customize and Streamline Effective Communication

How does networked audio work to improve your business operations? Well, for starters, we can help you set up announcements based on specific security incidents, which can help you improve the efficiency of your facility’s response time to threats.

Audio can also make it easier for you to communicate across different areas of your building. You can set recordings for just certain areas as well as for the entire facility for when you need to send a universal message.

Expert Integration and Installation

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley uses speakers that minimize the need for other devices—our integration and installation expertise ensures you have an audio network that’s easy to operate and maintain. We also have the ability to schedule specific announcements, which means you can set recordings to play at certain times whether it’s daily, weekly, or only in emergency situations.

Additional Functions of Our Audio Networking Solutions

Our speakers also have the ability to play music when the system isn’t being used for audio recordings. In the event that a live or prerecorded audio prompt is scheduled when music is playing, these alerts will simply temporarily override the music function.

Recordings, live speaking, and music aren’t your only options for your audio networking with Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley. We also offer systems that have bell tones that are ideal for school classes, shift changes, and other useful applications.

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