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Featuring service plans designed to fit your commercial security needs and budget.

When you work with us at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley for your commercial security needs, you get access to unparalleled service and support from experts in the security industry. We work closely with you to fully address your needs to improve your efficiency, lower your operating costs, and keep your facility secure.

What Do We Offer for Your Monthly Service Plans With Us?

Not only do we professionally design and install your access control and surveillance systems, but we make it easy to maintain your setup with our monthly service plans. Through our services, we simplify the maintenance and operation of your system, allowing you to stay focused on your core business while we ensure the security of your facility.

Your monthly service plan will include:

A monthly review of your system. Our preventative maintenance and checkups on your system happen once a month. If we find that something needs to be repaired or replaced, we handle it to prevent any interruptions in your surveillance or access control measures.

Complimentary camera replacement. If one of your cameras fails, we replace it free of charge, whether we find it needs a replacement during one of our monthly visits or a service tech notices an unfixable issue during a service call.

Software upgrades and updates. Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley will automatically handle your manufacturer software updates in order to fix errors and prevent security breaches. When managing a system yourself, you need to learn about these upgrades and conduct them yourself, or else risk compromising your system’s operation and security. During your monthly review with us, we handle any necessary updates since the previous month.

Prompt response time. Our technicians can help you fix some things remotely, but in the event that the issue can’t be fixed, we send out a technician to address the problem within 24 hours to reduce downtime and keep your system running.

Count on Us for Prompt and Dependable Support

When it comes to something as important as your security system, you can’t afford to be without the professional support you need. Instead of hiring a company to install your system and walk away, turn to us at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley. Our continued support and service plans ensure you’re never without the expertise you need to guarantee the safety and efficiency of your networks and facilities!


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