Jerrod Littleton

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley Owner

Jerrod brings over 25 years of experience in diversified process improvement and project management roles as a soldier, business owner, and bond trader. Jerrod proudly served in the Unites State Army for seven years as a forward observer in the artillery. His experience led him to place a premium on his obligation to his fellow service members. He received an honorable discharge in 2002 and has since dedicated his time and energy to supporting the veteran community in the Philadelphia area.

Upon discharge from the Army, Jerrod attended Rowan University in Glassboro New Jersey where he graduated in the top 1% of his class. While attending Rowan University, Jerrod worked as a small business controller at Dance by DiNote. In addition to organizing the company’s balance sheet and financial statements, Jerrod implemented numerous upgrades to the company’s communications and IT infrastructure. His efforts led to the company’s first years of profitability in its 34-year history. Upon graduation from Rowan, Jerrod received an offer to work at The Vanguard Group as a Brokerage Associate where he refined his communication skills. He later served as a Municipal Bond Trader at The Vanguard Group and traded for the largest municipal bond funds in the world. Jerrod specializes in the valuation of below investment grade municipal credit quality and his expertise in standard and non-standard cash flow analysis has aided him in his constant pursuit to achieve the greatest value in every project.

Jerrod is a speaker and presenter at security industry associations and professional organizations, discussing the latest trends and advancements in the electronic security field, and how Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley has helped clients in diverse industries. These organizations have included:

  • International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS)
  • Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey – CCSNJ

Additionally, Jerrod co-founded The Brisance Group in 2017, a Disabled Veteran Certified Business, and actively volunteers his time at the Veterans Multi-Service Center in Philadelphia as the Young Veteran Network Coordinator.


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