Body Cameras Provide Wearable Security Solutions for Clients

Partnering up with Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley means being able to take advantage of our key vendor agreements so you can offer clients state of the art security technology. Take body-worn cameras as an example. This wearable security solution is becoming ubiquitous among police forces. It both removes the ability of people to file fake complaints that drag on for ages and mar a good reputation and, at the same time, provides evidence to put the real bad guys away.

If you think your clients are going to be interested in this type of technology, then wait until you hear about the benefits of using an open architecture body camera system with all the bells and whistles.

Integrates Into Existing Surveillance Systems

One of the significant advantages of open architecture wearables is that companies don’t need an entirely new video management system to upgrade to body cams. Sure, they can install a system if their existing security doesn’t use one, but these cameras can also work with most third-party systems that are already in place for many clients.

3 Component System for Maximum Features

The body camera system is made up of three components that provide an incredible amount of convenience.

  1. The system controller – The controller is in charge of the footage. It takes recordings from the cameras and moves them to long-term storage. Then it deletes the footage from the camera itself so that security workers don’t have to worry about running out of space to record while on duty.
  2. The docking station – The dock charges the cameras, which already have a long battery life. It is a convenient way to ensure that the cameras are always being charged when they are not in use.
  3. The body-worn cameras – The cameras themselves are lightweight, making it more comfortable to wear them all day long. They are rugged so as to handle the environments they may end up facing throughout a security shift. Finally, the picture quality remains good even in low-light scenarios when security footage usually suffers the most.

Keeping Private Footage Secure and Usable

The footage is encrypted to uphold the highest privacy standards. This also ensures that the video is not doctored and can be used as evidence if an altercation or criminal activity is caught on the recording.

Partner with Surveillance Secure and Offer the Most High-Tech Security Solutions

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