Detecting & Preventing Student Fights in Schools With Surveillance Cameras and Audio ‘Aggression’ Detection

As student violence in schools increases, physical fights that jeopardize student and staff safety are becoming common occurrences. Yet identifying these escalating situations before they turn into a physical altercation isn’t simple for school staff and on-site security. Surveillance technology can help fill in the gaps.

You can integrate intelligent video analytics into your cameras to detect aggression and prevent incidents that can turn into physical fights, bullying, and even sexual assault. Whether you have existing surveillance or need to install new cameras for your school system, this technology can benefit a variety of educational facilities.

If your school is dealing with violence at sporting events or in hallways and classrooms, aggression detection technology makes it possible for you to rapidly respond to developing incidents to keep students and staff safer.

How Aggression Detection Software Works

Aggression detection software works by identifying sound patterns, such as raised voices, anger, or fear in a person’s voice, through technology in your surveillance cameras. Identifying aggression can be challenging in crowds, but technology is always evolving to make these surveillance analytics more accurate and precise than ever before [1].

Once the audio has been processed:

  1. The software rapidly identifies whether the patterns indicate a potential threat or escalating situation.
  2. It sends a notification or video footage in real-time to your security team so they can respond appropriately.
  3. The system collects data so you have access to incident documentation and information that can point to crucial patterns, such as areas or times of day where altercations tend to start.

You can configure the software’s threshold for analyzing patterns and adjust settings to reduce false alarms. For example, lunchrooms in schools tend to be loud areas, and adjusting the sensitivity of the aggression detection technology can ensure your team isn’t responding to kids just being loud versus kids being aggressive.

Having this type of warning system in schools and other institutions can help identify incidents before they have a chance to escalate to violence. School systems can use aggression detection software as a standalone system or combine this technology with additional intelligent video analytics for a holistic and accurate surveillance solution [2].

Additional Applications for Aggression Detection

Educational institutions aren’t the only places that can benefit from aggression detection technology. Sports and event stadiums, prisons, psychiatric centers, and public transportation agencies are all potential applications for aggression detection [3].

Since the software can be integrated with new or existing surveillance systems, it’s simple to upgrade your cameras with this technology. Most contemporary cameras have built-in audio capabilities, which analyzes audio patterns instead of listening to conversations to comply with local and federal laws for audio surveillance.

Whether your school is seeing increased violence at sports events, in hallways, lunchrooms, classrooms, or anywhere on school property, you can be more proactive about detecting and preventing student fights with surveillance technology.

Increase Your Situational Awareness

How effective is your surveillance system at enhancing situational awareness and detecting and preventing fights at your school? Find out more about integrating aggression detection technology into your school surveillance by contacting Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley today at (856) 292-4011.




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