How Facial Recognition Can Make Your Access Control System Safer and More Effective

Access control is a must for businesses today wanting to control who enters their facility and when, as well as to restrict particular areas within the building.

But this popular security technology isn’t without its challenges. Whether you use a biometric or keycard system for your access control—or a combination of the two—facial recognition technology can help make your system safer and more effective.

Integrating facial recognition technology into your access control system can help you increase efficiency and keep your employees and customers safer in a post-COVID business environment. Here’s how.

Regular Access Control Has Its Disadvantages

Access control systems go a long way towards keeping your building secure, but they often aren’t efficient enough. If you have a keycard system, keeping track of each employee’s keycard and deactivating lost or stolen cards can be a hassle, not to mention a security risk.

System administrators can also make errors when designating access control keys, ultimately resulting in compromised security [1]. For instance, they can accidentally program a fob to access the building after-hours, or give an employee keycard manager-level access to sensitive areas within the facility.

Keypads are another challenge with conventional access control. They allow people to punch in a code to access the facility or use the pad to call into the building, which makes it yet another area prone to COVID germs that staff needs to frequently clean. Combine traditional access control challenges with your peak business hours and you have an inefficient system on your hands.

Facial Recognition Streamlines Access Control for More Hygienic, Efficient Security

With facial recognition technology, you can streamline your access control solutions for a user-friendly, touchless system to help keep everyone safe. Facial recognition software accurately identifies familiar parties attempting to enter the building, while it can alert your security team to unrecognized or even suspicious visitors.

Individuals don’t need to touch anything or keep track of a keycard to enter the building—the doors will simply open once verification has been obtained. Should a visitor attempt entry at your premises, they can still initiate video calls to reach staff via the software without touching the interface.

The system will automatically keep a log of all visitors to help you quickly identify people and have accurate timestamps of attempted entry, as well as whether or not access was granted. Your staff will also have the ability to remotely allow or deny visitors with facial recognition technology.

Not only does an access control system with facial recognition help prevent unauthorized entry, but it can be combined with your other surveillance measures such as video systems for enhanced security [2]. You can also use facial recognition as part of a multi-faceted access control solution to meet your unique security needs.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Access Control Solutions?

The value that facial recognition technology offers for your access control solutions can help keep your building, staff and visitors safe. From preventing the spread of germs to enhancing security and simplifying solutions, upgrading your access control system can help make your business more efficient. Find out more about what this technology can do for your business by contacting us at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley today at (856) 292-4011!



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