How Surveillance Camera Systems & Analytics Can Help Construction Businesses Meet Insurance Requirements

Construction sites are not only vulnerable to theft and accidents, but present more safety challenges than any other industry [1]. As construction proceeds and tools are moved, structures are updated, and perimeters adjusted, security is a challenge for these mobile job sites. However, construction areas are required to have specific surveillance setups by most insurance companies. How can the right surveillance system help construction businesses comply with insurance security requirements, and what role do intelligent video analytics play?

Full Perimeter Monitoring

The surveillance system at your construction site needs to cover the entire perimeter 24/7 to comply with insurance mandates. So even during inactive hours and low lighting conditions, you must have surveillance of your site. Fortunately, thermal imaging can help detect unauthorized persons even in poor or no lighting [2]. Thermal cameras can also be combined with perimeter sensors to detect movement long before a trespasser reaches valuable tools or hazardous areas. With intelligent analytics, the system can automatically notify your security team, property manager, or corresponding personnel of the perimeter violation, and they can take immediate action to respond appropriately and avert an incident.

Real-Time Detection and Notifications

Insurance companies often require construction sites to have real-time video, meaning there’s no delay when viewing video feed or getting notifications of an intrusion by a person or a vehicle. With real-time video, false alarms are minimized and your team can respond without hesitation. Notifications can be configured to send to whomever you like, and can notify several people at once. Complying with this standard not only helps meet insurance requirements, but keeps your site protected against any lag when transmitting video, which can prevent vulnerable gaps and valuable time lost when securing your site.

Audio and Lighting Solutions

Having the chance to deter unwelcome guests on the spot with live audio can be an invaluable tool in preventing theft and accidents at your construction site. Motion sensors can also trigger lighting, letting any people at the site know that your surveillance system has spotted them. Many insurance companies require live audio capabilities, motion lights, and proper fencing for construction sites, giving you the ability to verbally deter violators without actually being at the site after-hours [3].

Backup Battery and Rapid Response

Is your surveillance system equipped to keep filming even in the event of a power outage or another interruption to your system? Insurance companies mandate backup power, whether you have a solar-powered camera or a conventionally-powered system. In the event that the power or a camera should fail, you need to be able to get the system back online as soon as possible to prevent gaps in coverage. With backup batteries for your technology and the right support, you can ensure your system keeps running even if a problem occurs.

Does Your Construction Site Meet Insurance Requirements?

If your construction company isn’t in compliance with surveillance mandates as set by your insurance company, you could be denied coverage in the event of a theft or an accident. Always stay in compliance and protect your assets with contemporary surveillance solutions from our team at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley. Contact us at (856) 292-4011 today for more information about how we can help your construction site meet insurance requirements with the right technology!



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