How Surveillance Secure Works to Meet Clients’ Requirements While Accommodating Their Budget

Not every business will have the same budget when it comes to implementing surveillance solutions. It depends on the unique risk profile of the business, the size of the company, any previous security incidents, and other factors.

Regardless of your budgetary requirements, surveillance solutions are a must to keep your business monitored and protected. Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley supports our clients’ surveillance objectives regardless of their industry while accommodating their budget. Here’s how.

Fewer Cameras to Cover More Areas

When you need surveillance cameras for your business, modern surveillance solutions make it possible to cover more areas with fewer cameras.

Many of the surveillance cameras we provide can replace multiple cameras that you may have previously had installed. We install point-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, which cover wider areas, resulting in fewer cameras for a particular project. The result is money saved on fewer pieces of equipment and less overall maintenance. 

Our camera solutions can accommodate various industries and property limitations, whether you need explosion-protected devices or solar-powered solutions. Our internet protocol (IP) cameras also provide cost savings, as they can cover more square footage and provide better video quality for our clients [1].

Multi-Stage Implementation

For clients that have a restricted budget, our team can implement surveillance and access control solutions in stages. This way, you won’t have to pay for all the technology or services you need upfront, rather in phases to better meet your budgetary requirements.

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley works with businesses to break up our deliverables and technology into phases, allowing you to accommodate a longer payment schedule. With our multi-stage implementation option, you can get started securing your property sooner and implement the technologies you need over a schedule that works for you.

When combined with proper lighting, surveillance cameras can help your business immediately start preventing crime, resulting in reduced liability and cost savings as soon as possible [2].

System Integration

Our customizable surveillance solutions allow you to integrate your technology, meaning you won’t need to purchase and install separate systems just to meet your objectives.

For example, if you want to install gunshot detection in your facility, which can detect and process gunshot sounds within seconds and dispatch emergency personnel, you may not need to upgrade your camera system [3].

We can typically install analytics such as gunshot technology into your existing cameras, which saves you money from unnecessarily upgrading your technology. Our crew can assess your current setup and let you know if we can implement analytics into your existing technology for added cost-saving benefits.

Save Money While Increasing Your Security

Even if you have a limited budget, you can start saving money while increasing your security with our surveillance solutions at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley. Contact us today at (856) 292-4011 to schedule a risk assessment with our commercial security professionals so we can identify how you can start safeguarding your business now while implementing the solutions you need. 



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