Meeting Security Needs of Newly Legalized Recreational Cannabis Industry in New Jersey

As of January 1, 2021, New Jersey residents 21 years of age and older will legally be able to possess up to six ounces of marijuana for recreational purposes without any repercussions [1]. The recreational demand for cannabis is expected to grow immensely in 2021, and current facilities are only poised to meet the medical needs of patients using cannabis.

Now, as new facilities open and current facilities expand to accommodate recreational marijuana, security is a fundamental component of this growing industry. Cannabis growers and dispensaries must have proper surveillance as required by law to operate. Fortunately, the team at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley is there to meet the security needs of these cannabis firms with industry expertise and cutting-edge technology, just as Surveillance Secure serves cannabis operators throughout the country, including in Colorado, Arizona and Maryland.

Integrating Surveillance Video and Access Control

Cannabis facilities must have 24/7 surveillance video to track their product across its entire life [2]. Even if you just own a dispensary and not a grow house, the product must be monitored at all times while in the facility. New Jersey law also requires access control solutions, which help prevent unauthorized visitors from accessing the property.

Access control solutions also ensure that specific areas within the facility—for instance, where extra product is kept—are only accessed by approved employees. Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley can help you position your cameras to cover your entire facility and integrate your surveillance and access control systems for easy management and streamlined security.

Monitoring Grow Houses and Manufacturing Facilities

As the majority of cannabis dispensaries plan to expand in the near future to accommodate demand, security becomes a growing concern [3]. Grow houses and manufacturing facilities are subject to unique security challenges. In both facilities, keeping a close eye on the product can be difficult due to the position of cameras, lighting, and constant movement of the product as it’s harvested and packaged.

Our team is well-versed in the challenges that these cannabis grow houses and manufacturing facilities face. We work to place cameras at levels that make the most sense, including lower for workstations where employees are directly handling the product, and can work with you to ensure adequate lighting for your spaces to prevent employee theft and product loss.

Recording Transportation and Distribution Activities

Current New Jersey laws for medical marijuana require security measures to ensure cannabis is stored safely and securely to prevent theft and unauthorized access [4]. These laws are unlikely to change, and may even become more strict, as recreational cannabis becomes legalized and dispensaries continue to grow. 

While monitoring cannabis during transportation can be challenging, it’s essential to complying with New Jersey state law and reducing theft, not to mention keeping employees accountable. Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley offers vehicle surveillance for when you need to transport cannabis. We provide interior and exterior cameras for your vehicles complete with GPS tracking so you can ensure safe arrival and maintain accurate records of transport.

As facilities continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, cannabis dispensaries will be handling both in-facility and drive-up customers. Our license plate recognition technology combined with your surveillance system can help you easily identify customers to ensure safe transfer of the product. Customers who are picking up can simply specify their license plate number when ordering, and employees can verify ID from the appropriate vehicle upon arrival.

We Can Assist With All Your Cannabis Security Needs

As New Jersey continues to navigate the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2021, Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley has the dependable, experienced professionals to assist with all your security needs. We’re experienced in New Jersey cannabis laws and continue to stay current on changes as they happen for cannabis retailers, grow houses, and manufacturing facilities. Surveillance Secure also serves the security needs of the cannabis industry nationwide, including Colorado, Maryland and Arizona.

Is your facility in compliance? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our team at (856) 292-4011!



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