Surveillance Technology Solutions Ensure Cannabis Operator Compliance

Security solutions for cannabis industry

The cannabis industry is the fastest-growing industry in the United States and is continuing to grow. As the demand for both recreational and medicinal marijuana increases, this billion-dollar business is on track for strong growth.

However, marijuana dispensaries have to comply with state-regulated security requirements. Yet research shows that the majority—72 percent—of cannabis operators do not comply with surveillance requirements [1].

Security is an integral part of such a lucrative business. Gaining compliance can help you avoid legal consequences and have surveillance in place to track and protect your product.

Modern surveillance technology helps cannabis operators meet state requirements for surveillance and protect their business. Here’s how.

Comply With State Requirements for Surveillance, Including Cameras and Storage

Every state has its requirements for cannabis dispensaries, whether for recreational or medicinal use. These policies include:

  • Where cameras are placed and positioned
  • How video footage is accessed and retrieved
  • Resolution of video cameras
  • Processes that need to be monitored

Your state also has specifications regarding the length of storage time for recorded video, which is essential for law enforcement to access should an incident occur, such as theft.

Footage needs to be retained for a minimum period of time. For example, in Delaware, video footage must be held for 90 days for routine footage and up to 36 months for video that contains “information of significance” [2].

Invest in a System That Can Grow With Your Business

As the cannabis industry grows, security requirements continue to develop [3]. When investing in a surveillance system for your business, you need to know that it’ll fit your needs now and continue to serve you in the future as regulations may become more strict.

Cannabis businesses that are just starting want an affordable, reliable system to meet compliance. You don’t have to invest in a complicated setup—you can get surveillance technology that’s easy to use yet meets state laws for security.

Most states require that operators track cannabis at all times in a facility, from seed to sale. The growing, harvesting, packing, and transportation processes all require surveillance. Technology can help you create a video trail with minimal training, making it easy for you to open your business while meeting surveillance requirements.

What Surveillance Do You Need as a Cannabis Operator?

You’ll need to have adequate video storage to meet state requirements in addition to proper surveillance. The regulations tend to be strict, and you’ll need to monitor the entire process and closely track inventory [4].

To meet compliance with your surveillance technology, you may need to have:

  • Proper lighting for all monitored areas
  • Video surveillance of all entry and exit points, including windows and roof hatches
  • Video storage for the required amount of time in your state
  • A secure area to house and operate surveillance technology
  • Video surveillance of all areas where employees handle cannabis products
  • Access control system and intercoms

You’ll also need a way to identify each camera and track who has access to the surveillance system. Fortunately, integrated solutions make setting up and managing your surveillance technology simpler than you think, allowing you to have streamlined solutions and ensure compliance.

Find Out More About How We Can Help With Your Cannabis Security

Our security professionals at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley can help you successfully implement the right technology for your cannabis business. We’re well-versed in state laws for your industry and ensure you have everything you need to abide by the law and safely and effectively run your business. Call us today to find out more at (856) 292-4011!



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