Understanding the Options for Virtual Perimeter Protection

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When you need to secure more than just your facility and its immediate exterior, virtual perimeter protection is an affordable, effective option for many commercial facilities.

Virtual perimeter protection offers more than just the ability to keep an eye on your premises. It creates a virtual tripwire that’s invisible to the naked eye, which allows your team to be notified in real-time if anyone is one your property [1].

What are your options for virtual perimeter protection for your commercial facility? Here’s what you need to know when deploying this technology for your applications.

Supplement Security Where Fencing Isn’t Feasible

Deploying a virtual perimeter can be hugely advantageous for your particular security needs. For some facilities, it’s entirely necessary, especially when fencing isn’t practical or economical.

In situations such as these, virtual perimeters can provide a low-maintenance solution that gives advance warning of trespassers, even in areas with rough terrain [2]. With a virtual perimeter, your business can overcome the challenges of exclusively using a physical barrier to prevent trespassers.

Even if you do have a fence, a virtual perimeter can supplement your security by creating an invisible tripwire in an area that’s either much closer or farther away than your fence line, giving your team the opportunity to identify potential violators without constantly monitoring your fence’s surveillance cameras.

Keep a Closer Eye on Trespassers

With virtual perimeter security, your team has the opportunity to monitor loiterers or deal with trespassers in real-time. You can configure your virtual perimeter system to immediately notify your team when it detects specific activity.

Even if you have a fence for your perimeter, you would need to fence the entire perimeter to effectively prevent trespassers. Virtual perimeters reduce the need for comprehensive fencing while also boosting security.

You can also conserve staff effort with virtual perimeter technology, allowing your team to appropriately focus their attention when there’s a security alert, rather than constantly watching your surveillance video feed [3].

Customize Your Alerts to Reduce False Alarms

Contemporary surveillance technology, including virtual perimeter solutions, allows you to customize your alert settings to minimize false alarms and increase efficiency.

For example, if your facility sees a lot of wildlife, you may want to configure the system to ignore trespassers of a certain shape or size. You can also program your software to alert your team if anything bigger than a small animal is on the property, giving them the chance to respond appropriately.

Virtual perimeter solutions can also be integrated with your surveillance and access control technologies, allowing you to streamline your commercial security technology while conserving costs and maintenance efforts.

Have You Taken Advantage of Perimeter Security?

If you haven’t taken advantage of virtual perimeter security yet, it’s time to find out what our technology can do for your commercial business at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation and learn more about your options for virtual perimeter solutions at (856) 292-4011!


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