When Should You Consider Upgrading Your Commercial Surveillance Cameras?

Investing in the right surveillance technology is essential for supporting your business’ security objectives. However, with technology rapidly changing, upgrading your commercial surveillance cameras is inevitable. Ongoing maintenance is essential for any surveillance system, especially software updates that could fix security glitches. But when should you consider upgrading your commercial surveillance cameras? The answer might surprise you!

Consider Upgrading Every Few Years

Unless your technology has limitations that impact your security, or the hardware in your system has failed, your commercial surveillance system can last for years. Generally, we recommend that clients consider upgrading cameras every three to five years. Why?

Technology is always evolving, and upgrading your surveillance cameras helps you take advantage of significant new technology. You should particularly consider updating your system if your cameras are no longer meeting your needs. For example, your cameras may not offer remote access or viewing capabilities, zoom features, or are low-resolution.

Not upgrading your surveillance cameras can lead to outdated technology that can result in security risks—especially since the manufacturer will stop providing updates for legacy equipment at a certain point [1].

Benefits of Taking Advantage of New Technology

Newer surveillance camera technology has upgraded features such as enhanced security and added capabilities. For many commercial businesses, reevaluating their technology every few years gives them a chance to reassess their needs for the most efficient surveillance system.

Updating surveillance camera technology is also an essential part of resolving existing security risks [2]. Whether your system just no longer serves your objectives or it’s outdated to the point that it’s jeopardizing your security, taking advantage of new technology can help you stay secure, improve efficiency, and reduce risk.

When You Should Wait to Upgrade

While considering upgrading your commercial surveillance cameras every few years is a good idea, there are a few instances in which it may be smarter to wait to upgrade your technology. These include situations such as:

  • Your business is moving to a new location soon. If your business has plans to move in the immediate future, it may be worth it to wait until you have your new location to choose the best cameras for your needs there.
  • Your security requirements are changing soon. If you’re in an industry where security requirements change at certain intervals, you may be able to hold off on an upgrade until the new regulations are issued.
  • Your current system meets your needs and does not pose any security risks. If your current cameras are supporting your security objectives and don’t compromise safety, you may consider upgrading your cameras at a future date [3].

A commercial security agency can help you decide when would be the best time to upgrade your surveillance cameras based on your current system, your security needs, and your budget.

When Was the Last Time You Upgraded Your Surveillance Cameras?

If it’s been more than five years since you’ve considered new surveillance technology, it’s time to look into upgrading. Contact the commercial security specialists at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley today to see if your commercial business could benefit from updated surveillance cameras at (856) 292-4011!


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