New Jersey Cannabis Security Regulations

Our team understands the security challenges cannabis operators face, and we deliver targeted solutions with cutting-edge technology to help you overcome them.

Since recreational and medical marijuana use are legal in the state of New Jersey, cannabis businesses have been expanding. However, New Jersey, like other states that have legalized marijuana, has strict laws surrounding the security practices of cannabis operators (updated in 2022).

24/7 Video Surveillance & Alarm System

Cannabis operators must track all plants across their lifecycles via 24/7 surveillance. This includes cannabis dispensaries, grow houses, and transporters. Cannabis businesses must have surveillance for any employee handling or discarding of the product, including any trimmings of the plants.

New Jersey state law also stipulates that cannabis operators must have a security alarm system working 24/7. Access control is also required for cannabis facilities to control who can access the product, and businesses should limit access to storage areas exclusively to those who need it.

Proper security is also necessary for curbside pickup at cannabis dispensaries, which is becoming increasingly popular with COVID-19 social distancing requirements .

Have a Security Plan for Your Facility

To even open a cannabis dispensary in New Jersey, you must submit a proposed surveillance plan for approval, including access control and visitor management systems, and the proposed locations for cameras and other security features.

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley Can Help

Our team at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley is well-versed in the cannabis security requirements imposed by the state of New Jersey. From 24/7 video and alarm solutions to secure access control methods, we can help you design and execute your security plan to stay in compliance with state law. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!


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