New Jersey Surveillance Video and Audio Recording Legal Regulations

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Leveraging surveillance for your New Jersey home or business has many benefits, but there are state laws in place governing the use of both video and audio recording technologies. It’s essential to follow state guidelines when conducting surveillance, as the result could lead to fines and even legal action or imprisonment.

Audio Recording Laws in New Jersey

For audio recordings, New Jersey is a one-party consent state, meaning only one person in the conversation must consent in order for the recording to be legal.

However, if people in a conversation are located in different states, such as in a telephone conversation, for example, ideally you would get the consent of all parties before proceeding with an audio recording to be safe.

The audio recording must also not be made with any criminal intent for it to be legal. In the state of New Jersey, if you violate this law, you may be held liable for any damages that result.

Video Surveillance Regulations

Video surveillance is legal in New Jersey as long as the recording takes place in a public area. It’s not legal to conduct video surveillance in places where people expect privacy, such as their home or in a bathroom, or in dressing rooms (updated in 2022).

If you violate New Jersey’s video recording law, you could face fines of up to $15,000 and imprisonment of up to five years. You can also be sued by the recorded party for any resulting damages.

Are You in Compliance?

If you’re utilizing audio or video surveillance technology for your property in New Jersey and aren’t sure if it’s legal, contact us at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley for a review of your system. Our experienced team can help you determine if you could need to alter your setup to comply with New Jersey state law.


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