Philadelphia Surveillance Video and Audio Recording Legal Regulations

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Using surveillance cameras to monitor residential and commercial properties in the state of Pennsylvania has become common. However, whether you want to use a camera to monitor your business or would like to implement audio recording for your premises, there are state laws in place you should know about before conducting such surveillance.

Pennsylvania Video Surveillance Laws

In Philadelphia, you can legally record video in public areas without consent. However, in areas where people expect privacy, such as bathrooms or dressing rooms, it’s illegal to have video surveillance.

If you are not on public property and are on private property, it’s generally not legal to record video, or else you must abide by the property owner’s rules for video recording. If you don’t, you could be subject to fines.

“All-Party Consent” for Audio Recording

Pennsylvania is one of the 12 states that makes it mandatory for all parties in the conversation to consent to audio recording for it to be legal.

This makes Philadelphia an “all-party consent” area, meaning it’s illegal to record a conversation without the consent of all the parties in the conversation. This may also be referred to as a “two-party consent” law, but it means the same thing as all-party consent.

However, if people are speaking in an open, public space, this means they can’t reasonably expect their conversation to be private, and you may legally record these conversations without consent.

Any violation of these laws is considered to be a third-degree felony in the state of Pennsylvania.

Do You Use Audio or Video Surveillance in Philadelphia?

Both residential and commercial surveillance can go a long way towards helping you protect your property and have evidence should an incident occur.

However, unless you’re in compliance with Pennsylvania wiretapping and video surveillance laws, you could be facing fines and even jail time.

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Updated in 2022.


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