Body Worn Cameras

Keep officers and the public safer with body worn cameras, which capture evidence agencies can use to settle disputes, press charges, and conduct investigations.

Body worn cameras make it possible for organizations to capture evidence of interactions for use in a court of law, for training purposes, or simply to settle a disagreement. With body worn cameras from AXIS, Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley helps businesses implement compact, innovative, and effective technology that officers can use in the field.

AXIS body worn cameras capture audio and video of interactions while corrections officers, police officers, and security guards are on duty. These compact devices can be managed with a video or evidence management system of your choice. Whether you want to store body cam video on-site or virtually in the cloud, we can help you streamline your body worn camera solutions.

Benefits of Using Body Worn Cameras

Body worn cameras capture what traditional surveillance video can’t—the perspective of an officer and the audio of the interaction being recorded. When your team is wearing these devices, people recognize that they aren’t just interacting with an officer or security guard: they are being recorded.

There are a few key impacts body worn cameras can provide:

  1. Professionals who wear body worn cameras tend to act in alignment with the best interests of their organization or employer, which can result in fewer complaints and incidents thanks to appropriate behavior on the camera wearer’s part.

  2. The public has more reassurance that their conversation and interaction is being recorded. People who know they are being recorded tend to avoid altercations and disputes that can lead to criminal activity or harm.

  3. Body worn cameras capture high-definition video and audio that can be used in court. Having this evidence can provide officials with the information they need to issue or dismiss charges, address complaints, and pursue persons of interest.

The quality of video and audio these cameras provide also allows organizations to use the footage for training purposes for new hires. Agencies can also use the footage in investigations for law enforcement and other organizations conducting searches or inquiries.

Experience Modern Technology From AXIS 

AXIS body worn cameras allow you to increase the quality of your audio recordings by using dual microphones to minimize background noise, which can be a challenge for officers working in noisy locations such as detention centers or officers doing traffic stops on busy highways.

With 12 hours of battery life when fully charged, body worn cameras from AXIS can last through long shifts for security personnel without the camera suddenly cutting off.

When you invest in body worn camera technology, you also get access to AXIS’ mobile app, where you can view live footage, recordings, and instructions on the proper way to position and work the camera. Our team at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley is here to support your body worn camera needs with professional solutions.

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Body worn cameras give officers the ability to accurately document evidence and take accountability for their actions. Is it time to invest in body worn camera technology? Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley can help you discover how these devices could benefit your agency. Contact us today at learn more at (856) 292-4011.


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