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Keep your job site secure regardless of its location with our mobile security cameras that allow for remote monitoring and management.

pole mounted surveillance systemJust because a job site is temporary doesn’t negate the need for security to prevent theft, ensure employee integrity, and monitor working conditions. The security professionals at Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley allow you to monitor your job site remotely with our flexible, dependable security options.

Keep Your Assets Secure and Monitor Your Project 24/7

Construction sites and other temporary job sites are often targets for vandalism and theft. With mobile security solutions, you can not only monitor progress of your job remotely, but deter thieves and help keep your assets secure around the clock.

Whether your site is located in a remote area or in a place with unforgiving weather conditions, Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley allows you to remotely monitor your job site with our reliable equipment. Our mobile surveillance setups are simple to install and maintain and are ready to be relocated whenever you are.

Comprehensive Security Solutions for Your Mobile Site

You have options when it comes to your job site’s security, and you can certainly hire on-site security personnel. However, having an electronic system in place is often a crime deterrent in itself, and provides evidence in the event of theft or an accident.

Our team helps you invest in the best system for your needs. With our technology, you can monitor several areas within a location or numerous locations, and you’ll have the ability to access your video footage anywhere with a reliable internet connection.

Rapid Deployment Options: Portable and Flexible

Box mounted surveillance camera systemProjects often demand surveillance systems to be deployed in short order, often with minimal or no local power or infrastructure. To meet these demands, Surveillance Secure offers our Rapid Deployment surveillance systems, which provides a durable, flexible and commercial-grade security video system for a full range of applications, including temporary construction sites, outdoor locations with valuable assets needing monitoring or for sites without power or permanent infrastructure, such as concerts and outdoor events, natural disasters, parking lots and remote locations.

Depending on the project and available on-site resources, our outdoor-rated weatherproof mobile and rapid response surveillance solutions can be hard-wired or solar powered, mobile or fixed, with cellular/5G and wireless access point connected solutions. We have a robust and tailored solution to meet our clients’ needs.

We are Here to Help. Contact Us to Get Your Mobile Security System Set Up Today

For all your mobile job site security needs, Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley can help. We provide full implementation of your new system, from the design to the networking and the support. Give us a call today to begin securing your mobile job site!


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