Solar Powered

For properties that lack power and network availability, our solar-powered cameras use sunlight and backup batteries with a remote connection to meet your surveillance needs regardless of your property’s location.

Surveillance Secure Delaware Valley provides the surveillance solutions you need for harsh environments including manufacturing facilities or remote locations with solar power technology. Our turnkey solutions are specifically designed to work in areas that are lacking an internet connection or local power sources.

Our wireless cameras are solar-powered and can transmit video feed up to 20 miles. When you’re lacking a reliable connection or have a facility that’s difficult to access, we can help. We work with properties that include:

  • Bridges
  • Borders
  • Gas pipelines
  • Construction sites
  • Rural facilities
  • Parking lots
  • Oil pipelines
  • Wildlife monitoring
  • Agricultural applications

With our affordable, reliable technology, you can protect your assets with a secure wireless connection without worrying about having a power source. Our technology is ideal for a variety of property types and can meet your needs no matter the condition of your environment.

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